What are the Best Patio Doors – Frameless, Sliding or Bifold Glass Doors?

Frameless Sliding Bifold Doors

By choosing the right patio door for your home, you can create uninterrupted glass views and a seamless transition from inside to your garden. Below we’ll describe why they have become so popular in 2020. Now seen as one of the best ways to improve your home and increase the value of your property.

Gone are the days that you are limited to a bulky bifold, with thinner profiles and frameless glass patio doors making for a more discreet and elegant option. It’s essential to understand the different opening mechanisms and how to achieve the thinnest frames – therefore giving you up to 97% clear glass views. These types of door system are known as Ultra Slim Glass Doors, and there’s even a completely frameless alternative.

Your options when choosing new patio doors


All of the patio doors we’ll cover are fully retractable within less than 1 minute, a feature which is essential for everyday use and to open up your home to the garden.

By using thinner frames or going frameless, you allow the view to stand out.

But what are the best options? Home improvement is one of the few industries that’s grown since Covid-19, and we’ll explain why. There’s a huge variety of patio doors available on the market. This often makes it overwhelming when choosing which patio doors to choose for your home. Read on to learn more and find your perfect patio door.

Which patio doors have the slimmest frames?

The popularity in slimmer profiled frames means there’s even more door systems to choose from, but which one is right for you? The most important things to consider when choosing a patio door is the space you have available and the look you are trying to achieve. With this innovation also comes extra cost, but it’s worth considering when often the increase is very little. It’s crucial to get quotes from various door manufacturers to see what will fit within your budget.

There’s also a very common miss-conception that slimmer frames means there’s a reduction in security, the strongest and most thermally efficient part is actually the glass used.

For the ultimate in design and elegance it’s worth considering frameless sliding glass doors. you are getting a product that has longevity, versatility and is a reliable option. There are currently only several manufacturers of frameless glass doors in the UK – FinlineDoors being the original designers of this patented system. Alternatively you could opt for a more affordable bi-fold option, but these come with bulkier frames and a lower quantity of glass.

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The future of patio doors are frameless and ultra slim Glass Doors

Due to Covid-19, many of us have spent more time at home than ever before, therefore maximising our home space has become a priority. Being limited to our homes and gardens has made us realise how important the join between them is, therefore what better time to make those home improvements such as installing a fully retractable patio door system. Whether you are wanting a new door for your newly built extension, or just want to revamp what you’ve already got, opting for Ultra Slim Glass Doors, or even frameless is a great option.

By opting for Slimline French doors or Frameless Bifold Doors, you will feel less like you’re living in close quarters, and maximise the space you already have. Furthermore, with minimalist slimline frames you can maintain a contemporary and clean look within your home. It’s even possible to increase the thermal efficiency of your house and greatly increase the natural light into your home.

Your patio doors can be a stand out feature in your home, which is why slim frames or frameless doors are a perfect option. It will allow everyone to take in the outside view of your garden through your patio doors and really appreciate your home as it should be.

The latest patio doors in 2020 – Ultra Slim Glass Doors


Ultra Slim Slide-&-Pivot Doors by FinlineDoors FinlineDoors provide the fastest-growing door system – the Ultra Slim Slide-&-Pivot Door. When we say it’s ultra-slim, we mean it, with our 19mm frames being over five times thinner than the average 100m of bulky aluminium bifold and sliding glass doors.


  • 19mm frames

  • Extra security protection with double shoot bolt locks

  • Made to measure for you exact requirements

  • Space saving as all doors stack neatly to the side of opening

  • Energy efficient

  • Uninterrupted views

  • Full opening in one minute


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With it being more affordable than frameless glass doors, our Ultra Slim Slide-&-Pivot doors have become the fastest-growing patio door system of 2020, with its versatility being one of its biggest benefits. It is available up to 8m wide and 2.7m high, and as they are made to measure you will have an uninterrupted view that expands your space making it feel larger and full of light.

Not only do the doors look great, they utilise a shoot bolt mechanism, ensuring that the doors are fully safe and secure, and you can rest assured knowing that the doors are safe for external use as they surpass all building regulations.

The slide-and-pivot mechanism means that you can open and close the door in less than a minute, and this isn’t the only way the door is efficient. The ‘thermally-broken’ aluminium frames and the British Standard ‘kite-marked’ K-Glass that are included as standard mean that the doors are extremely energy efficient.

For more information on our Ultra Slim Slide-&-Pivot doors you can click here.

Available in up to 300 colours, these doors offer the best alternative between frameless glass doors and sliding glass patio doors. They provide versatility, efficiency and a stream-lined look for a competitive price. Get started on transforming your home and get a quote today.

Frameless Sliding Bifold Doors

Frameless Glass Patio Doors

If you’re after something more premium, Frameless Glass Patio Doors are a fantastic option. By opting for a frameless door, you can have seamless panoramic views of your outside space, without frames there to break it up. This smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces creates a luxurious and open feel within a space.

You may be asked how a frameless door is possible, but we assure you that it is. We use a weather sealed clear gasket between the panels, which reduces the need for traditional frames. As with our ultra-slim range, the Frameless Glass Patio Door system utilises one main doorway for general use, with the remaining windows being slide-and-turn panels that are stacked on one side once opened. This means that the doors can be fully opened allowing for maximum access between spaces. This frameless design means that whether opened or closed, the doors always connect your spaces harmoniously.

We are the UK’s first manufacturers and installers of completely frameless glass doors, so you can trust that we know what we are doing. Launched in 2011, we have had time to perfect this industry-changing system, providing you with premium doors that look beautiful and are built to last.

You can find out more information on our Frameless Glass Patio Doors here, or alternatively you can get started by getting a quote today.