Frameless Sliding Bifold Doors

As one of the first companies to design and manufacture Ultra Slim Slide and Turn patio doors, they have rapidly become one of our most popular doors. Although similar to a bifold door, this system means each door opens individually, eliminating the need for folding hinges and providing maximum access alongside great views.

Each panel of glass slides and folds, stacking at one side of the door frame making the door system fully retractable. Not only does this make the view from your patio more impressive, it can also increase your house value.

Why choose Slide and Turn Patio Doors?

The slimmer the frame, the larger the view.


Because of the slide and stack opening mechanism the door frames are only 19mm, a fraction of the industry average of 40-50mm. The only way to achieve frames that are so slim is by using our unique opening system that allows for full retraction, unlike alternatives such as sliding doors.

One of the most beneficial aspects of slide and fold doors is how you can achieve seamless views without the obstruction of bulky and distracting door frames. Our six door system has less frame than a typical three door bifold offered by other manufacturers, with the doors gliding along the guide rails, turning to open and providing the widest possible opening for access.

Benefits of Slide and Turn Patio Doors:


  • Ultra-slim allowing for uninterrupted views

  • Energy saving due to its elite thermal efficiency

  • Fully retractable

  • Fully customisable to suit your home

  • Safe and secure with individual locking panels

  • Easy opening in under one minute

  • All doors stack at one side allowing for full open access and maximised space

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Form and Function

When choosing a patio door, you shouldn’t have to compromise on looks to get great functionality, and with our slide and stack patio doors, you don’t have to. With our unique locking system, each individual panel can be locked, making the doors fully secured for all internal and external purposes. However, this security doesn’t detract from ease of function, as the doors can be opened with ease in under one minute.

Furthermore, the doors come double-glazed as standard and offer industry-leading thermal efficiency to help cut down on your energy bills.

Style to Match Your Space


At FinlineDoors we can offer you aluminium frames in a huge range of colours. Just select one of hundreds of available RAL colours, and get a patio door that fits in with the interior and exterior style of your home. We also provide glass panels in various sizes so your door is tailor made for the perfect fit, and by getting internal blinds you can customise your doors further, making for a bespoke door that is made entirely to suit your home and your needs.


Get Started

If you’re wanting to bring more light into your space and add value to your home, get a quote here today and you can be on the road to getting a new slide and turn patio door.


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