Frameless Glass Doors
Find the perfect ultra slim sliding doors for your home.

Frameless Glass Sliding Patio Doors

We can proudly say that we are the first company in the UK to design and manufacture the fully retractable frameless glass door.  Our frameless glass doors are perhaps the most unique product on the market due to the fact that they are completely retractable while still giving 100% clear glass views and have no frames. With traditional glass doors you often get bulky frames which take up space and can look unsightly but you will not have this problem with our sliding glass doors.

Having glass sliding patio doors will undoubtedly add value to your home and at the same time they can also help you save money on heating costs due to their highly efficient thermal energy properties. We have been designing and manufacturing folding glass doors for over a decade now and have a glass sliding door system for various applications-whether it may be commercial or for your home. Whether you want to use a glass sliding doors as a patio door or as an interior glass door to separate two rooms we can custom build them to cater for your needs.

No More Bulky Frames Frameless Glass Patio Doors



In the past patio doors would always come with frames which were often bulky, large and rather unappealing.

Also these frames often impaired the view of the outside but with our innovative frameless glass sliding doors there is no frame – leaving you with a 100% clear view.

We incorporate a bi-folding slide & stack mechanism with all our frameless glass doors and every bi-folding sliding door is custom built to match the customers’ exact needs.

Our frameless sliding glass doors come with two different glass options; single glazing glass doors and double glazing glass doors.

We also offer a full warranty on all installations.

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Possible Applications of Frameless Glass Patio Doors:


  • Internal room divider
  • External Patio Door
  • Balcony door
  • Swimming pool enclosure

Other Features of Sliding Glass Patio doors

One of the key features about these frameless glass doors is their suitability to a wide range of applications. They are often used as glass interior doors to separate two rooms within the home and in this situation the interior glass doors will be designed to provide the best and most appropriate application for this particular use.  Another use of the sliding glass door, and perhaps the most popular, is to act as a traditional patio door. The glass doors are perfect for this purpose as they provide completely clear glass views of the outdoor environment as well as superior functionality and opening mechanisms to traditional patio doors. Our glass doors have become increasingly popular with commercial projects as well as residential settings and have even been used as office walls!

  • We offer many glazing variations whether it’s extra thermal efficiency, triple glazing or integral blinds.  
  • Energy efficient- the fact that you have more glass means that more thermal energy will be saved and therefore your heating bills will be cut! 
  • Average installation in just 4-5 weeks from point of order.

  • Single opening door with locking system which is very everyday use and acts exactly as a traditional single patio door
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Single Glazed Glass Patio Doors


Our single glazed glass doors are hugely popular amongst customers who utilise them as glass interior doors to separate two internal rooms. The single glazed glass doors can help with keeping heat in one room or keep noise out of the other while maintain its complete glass structure enabling an unimpaired view into the other room. The most striking feature about these glass doors are the fact that they are fully retractable so when open, the opening space potential is maximised. Using the bi-folding opening mechanism our glass doors create large openings while also offering additional options such as frosted glass on integrated blinds.

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Double Glazed Sliding Glass Doors

The second option for our frameless sliding glass doors is the double glazed sliding glass doors. This is one of our best sellers and is increasing in popularity each and every year. The double glazing sliding doors are more suitable for external purposes whether they be residential or commercial. They have an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency so you will be saving a significant amount of your heating bills.

How do folding Glass Patio Doors work?

There are numerous key factors which work together to make our folding glass patio doors work so well. Each individual door uses a highly efficient sliding and folding panel mechanism and each panel is safely secured in its place by thermally broken rail systems.

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Securely Locked

To open the frameless folding glass doors you need to simply open the access panel so it rests at a 45° angle to the rest of the system and to one side.

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Sliding the panels

 You then need to slide the next panel along towards the access door opening. Once this is done you then fold, once again at a 45° angle

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Fully Open

Simply repeat this process for each individual panel until all the panels are resting on one side. The entire process will not take more than two minutes.