Glass Concertina Doors
Find the perfect ultra slim glass concertina doors for your home.

What are Slimline Glass Concertina Doors?

Concertina doors are a brilliant and very easy way for you to maximise the potential space in your home. Our expertly designed and manufactured concertina doors are both unique and attractive and can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of your home, whether as an internal door or externally. Concertina doors refer to those doors which are able to fold when opened flat against a wall in what is known as an accordion style arrangement. Their primary purpose is to maximise the use of space that you have.

For example for a living room the door will open in such a way as to open up the entire space without the door getting in the way. It will fold neatly against the wall and not take up any space. Concertina doors are commonly used as room dividers due to their excellent use of space but they are just as effective when used as an external door to separate the inside from the outdoor environment.

Benefits of Concertina Doors:

The benefits of our concertina doors are truly endless. They are ingeniously designed doors and can make such a significant difference to the way your home looks. Here are just some of the benefits of having concertina doors in your home.

Whether you are looking for a space divider or an external door system concertina doors are an attractive and highly efficient way of achieving both these goals. Their neat folding mechanism makes them perfect for open living spaces in particular as they allow you to make the most of this area.

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  • They fold extremely neatly when opened therefore maximising the available space
  • Once open the concertina doors do not get in the way or obstruct
  • They are perfect room dividers
  • They come in a wide range of colours and materials
  • Durable
  • Safe and secure lock systems

    Unlimited Options of Ultra Slim Glass Concertina Doors

    Our concertina doors are available in a wide range of different materials for you to chose from including vinyl, veneer and solid timber, laminate material and of course powder coated or aluminium. We also offer an option to have inserted glass panels into the door if you wish. Along with the materials we also have a large and varied selection of colours which you can pick from to blend into your home perfectly. Our concertina doors come with many options-one of the main ones being the way in which you can lock them. This is particularly important if you are planning to use your concertina doors to lead out into the garden as extra security and safety is needed. Other options we give you allow you to chose which side the door opens to, so to the left or to the right, the tracks which the door operate on, the colour of the handles and hinges and much more. We are here to meet your needs and we will tailor design and manufacture your concertina doors just the way you want them.