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A Privacy Solution for Bi Fold Doors

Many people prefer bi fold doors. A challenge has been to add blinds, but fortunately there is a solution to the problem as folding each panel would mean the blinds would get in the way. Integral blinds are contained within a sealed glass unit. The operating mechanism is on the outside.

With integral blinds, the aluminium slats are contained in between inner and outer panes of glass. Moisture or dust cannot get inside. There’s also no risk of handling them the wrong way. The slats can be tilted for shade and opened or closed at will. Completely opening the blinds to the top allows a maximum level of sunlight to enter.

Some integral blinds incorporate a magnet. A dual magnet mechanism allow simple control of the slats and opening and closing. Contained in a metal cartridge at the edge of the glass panel, the operating unit is out of the way. This component also comes with colour options, as do the slats and other parts of the assembly.

It takes little effort to operate the blinds. There are no strings either, so nobody can become entangled. The mechanism can support blinds of 1,000 x 2,200mm. In fact, they are available in 14 different colour choices. While not available for triple glazed units, the blinds come with a five-year guarantee and are very convenient.