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Do Blinds Really Add Quality to Bi Fold Doors?

Customers often ask whether privacy is really possible with bi fold doors. After all, they are designed to fold on themselves. The prospect of fitting blinds seems quite daunting. One option suppliers offer is integral blinds. Many buyers are unaware of this and have no idea how it can benefit them.

An integral blind features a series of slats like any other, but is built in-between the inside and outside panes of glass. It is completely sealed; moisture or dust can never come in contact. Like any other set of blinds, the slats can be opened or closed. Tilting them closes the blind and blocks light, providing shade in the room.

In addition, integral blinds can be raised. The full window can be allowed to let light in. A common option themselves, integral blinds come with even more choices, namely the mechanism used to open and close them.

Magnetic – Located on either side of the unit, magnets make up part of a mechanism controlling tilt and another component controlling the raising and lowering of the blind.

Just one type of mechanism, the magnetic system is popular and is hidden within a metal cartridge on the outer portion of the door. The cartridge itself can be custom ordered in different colours. This mechanism also eliminates loose strings which can entangle babies and pets. Plus, it works efficiently and requires little effort to tilt or draw the blinds.

Corded – Cord type blinds are still available, but are much less reliable.

The newer magnet-operated systems in bi fold doors accommodate 1,000 x 2,200 mm blind sizes. They are suited for most variations except for triple glazed units and often come with a guarantee. Integral blind systems are among the most important aspects of bi fold doors to consider when making a purchase.