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The Bifold Door Seesaw – The Battle between Horizontal and Vertical

Anyone considering a bifold door with their home renovation must look at the configuration. It is essential to choose the right one. The primary designs are horizontal and vertical; picking the correct one depends on the layout of the house. It allows for enough room for the glass panels to slide open or closed and for you to reap the benefits of a bifold door.

The most common type of home bifold is vertical. Glass panels can be moved from side to side in a series. These can be used for entrances or to open up entire walls. The process takes just seconds. Being more popular, there are more options and technicians to customize the unit.; single and double door functioning systems are available. They’re also less expensive.

Horizontal bifold doors, although less common, provide an appealing look in many cases. Lifting from the ground up, such doors are hinged onto the wall’s support columns and secured to the base with foot bolts. Hydraulic mechanisms can be installed for effortless opening. In any case, little physical effort is required for these doors to operate. Horizontal doors are ideal for home security, although they are usually reserved for commercial facilities.

Regardless of whether they are horizontal or vertical, bifolds must be fit properly, so exact measurements are required. Proper installation means you’ll have a door that works correctly and contributes to energy efficiency at home or in the office.

The choice depends on the available space and personal preference. While verticals are more common for residences, horizontal varieties are more often seen in business settings. They are suited for exit points because they provide a larger opening for entry and exit. There’s also more space around the door, as a stacking frame is not needed.

Speak with a professional about the right configuration for your installation.