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Aluminium Bi Fold Doors: The Surface Makes All the Difference

There are many benefits to aluminium bi fold doors. They are attractive, energy efficient, and durable. The ability to customize their surface appearance and colour cannot be beat. Manufacturers offer hundreds of colours and finishes.

You can choose from a glossy finish, or a matt coating if this is so desired. There are also metallic colours and pastel shades. Many customers opt for wood imitation finishes which look realistic and fit with the home décor.

Also, a number of surface treatment options are available. Weather-resistant alloys make the final product more durable and less prone to deteriorating over time. One protective technique is lacquering, in which a powder coating layer is applied and enameled at a high temperature. The layer is then set and the door protected.

Anodisation is another technique in which a layer of oxide hermetically seals the aluminium. The underlayer is effectively sealed off from the air, and is thus protected against corrosion. Metallic surfaces are still apparent and various different colours can be applied. The surface can also be pretreated to give it a unique look

Another durable, scratch-resistant coating is Coatex. Stronger than any standard powder option, it reduces maintenance on doors and windows and withstands exposure to rain and moisture. Better yet, any aluminium door, window, or façade can be treated.

The choices for colours and coatings, therefore, are extremely diverse. You can choose based on the look you want or the environment the door will be exposed to. With the right finish, the product will last longer and remain as functional and attractive as when it was new.