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September 2014

How to Team Up with the Bifold Door Professionals

Bifold door installation is professional job. Not every home improvement task is a DIY, but you can assist in the installation process by making it easer for technicians. There are several ways to get prepared which will accomplish this. Maximize access: Once you schedule a day for installation, clean house and remove any furniture, appliances, and wiring from where the installers will be working. Make sure there’s enough clearance and …Read More

The Bifold Door Seesaw – The Battle between Horizontal and Vertical

Anyone considering a bifold door with their home renovation must look at the configuration. It is essential to choose the right one. The primary designs are horizontal and vertical; picking the correct one depends on the layout of the house. It allows for enough room for the glass panels to slide open or closed and for you to reap the benefits of a bifold door. The most common type of …Read More