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August 2014

The Best Fit for a Bi Fold Door

Some of the most common configurations for bi fold doors are bottom rolling or top hung. The level of difficulty and price are among the most common concerns. There are some real pros and cons to each type as well. With a top hung bi fold door, measurements are often an issue. The home must be specified with the right type of support to suspend a door. Improper calculations and …Read More

A Privacy Solution for Bi Fold Doors

Many people prefer bi fold doors. A challenge has been to add blinds, but fortunately there is a solution to the problem as folding each panel would mean the blinds would get in the way. Integral blinds are contained within a sealed glass unit. The operating mechanism is on the outside. With integral blinds, the aluminium slats are contained in between inner and outer panes of glass. Moisture or dust …Read More