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January 2014

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Benefits to Homeowners

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Benefits to Homeowners While there were many misconceptions about aluminium windows, they have become more popular since the mid-20th century and today come in many forms. Today’s aluminium windows are provided in options more diverse than the basic silver varieties. Hardwood subframes and condensation-prone materials are no longer the standard either. As with all the products offered by Slimline Doors, these are advanced in design. New …Read More

Saving on Heating, Gas, and Electricity

Saving on Heating, Gas, and Electricity It’s not uncommon to learn of ways to save on home energy costs. Gas and electricity bills have risen by 51% over the past five years, according to Ofgem, and many households never switch their energy supplier. While some online providers offer reports on savings, there are many tips which homeowners can use to start saving right away. In addition to installing a glass …Read More

The Magic of Future Glass

The Magic of Future Glass  Aluminium windows are quite popular these days. Years ago, even these were considered inferior and out of fashion. Window technology has advanced a lot, not only in its visual appeal. In fact, windows can do much more than ever before; they can be scaled to cover an entire house and integrate with its architecture. Any wall can be made of glass, creating unique and wonderful …Read More