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December 2013

Moving House vs. Home Extensions

There are various things to consider when deciding whether moving or extending your home is the better option. Each has its pros and cons. The house can become tight depending on the situation. Starting a family or home business comes with obvious challenges. Children grow quickly and toys, noise, and visits from friends can tighten the space. Many business start ups require additional space too. Moving can be tough for …Read More

PVCU and Aluminium in Slimline Doors and Replacement Windows

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) was once unusual with double glazing. Nowadays, it is extremely popular and in fact recommended by experts. Many companies choose this material for its advantages. There are also disadvantages. Even compared to aluminium, uPVC provides a viable alternative. The material, when used in glass doors for example, offers value in terms of cost of materials. Pricing is a major decision factor for doors and this material …Read More

A Peek into the Future of Home Interior Design

There’s no doubt homes are getting smarter. Technology has advanced so much in recent years that elements in homes today would have been hard to imagine not long ago. Smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens do more than anyone envisioned. Energy efficient windows and doors are available for any home, saving consumers money on electric and heating bills in the long run. A great advance, this is also at a time when …Read More